Week 03 | Proxemic Interaction

Week 03 | Proxemic Interaction

Week 03 | Proxemic Interaction #

Monday, January 23, 2023

We start in Room G203

Inspiration #

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Standards and Double Standards, 2004 #

More information

Random International – Audience, 2010 #

More Information

MIT Media Lab | Put That There #

Myron Krueger | Videoplace, Responsive Environment, 1972-1990s #

Proxemic Interaction #

Lecture Slides #

Lecture slides Miro board

Papers and Books #

You have access to these pdf files via the Aalto University library or you can also find them from MyCourses by logging in.

Videos and lectures #

Saul Greenberg: Proxemic Interactions: the New Ubicomp? #

Homework #

Gesture Assignment #

Start working on your gesture assignment (deadline: February 6, 2023).

You can find the groups in MyCourses. Gather in your group, decide on how you are going to communicate, start discussing some initial ideas.

Readings #