Absence Compensation

Absence Compensation

The course has a minimum 80% attendace requirement (unless you are doing the independent study option).

We have 84h of contact teaching in this course:

  • Monday lectures: 12h
  • Coding sessions: 72h

20% of this amounts to 16.8h. This means that you can be absent for:

  • 5 days out of the 24 Thursday and Friday sessions
  • 1 day out of the 6 Monday lectures

I would not recommend you to use this too often since you will very easily fall behind with what we are doing if you miss more than this.

You are still required to submit all of the homework assignments, even if you miss those specific classes. These extra assignments are extra as the name suggests.
Please let Matti know if you need to be absent more than the allowed 20% for health reasons and if we need to make special arrangements due to that.

Can I somehow compensate for the missed classes if I have to be away for more than the allowed amount? #

Yes, you can complete assignments from the Excercises section of the book Code as Creative Medium: A Handbook for Computational Art and Design. Related to the topic that you missed. The amount of exercises you need to complete depends on what you have missed (more complex topics might only mean one exercise, simpler topics might mean more than one).