Final Project Guidelines

Final Project Guidelines

As a final project for Audiovisual Studio, you should explore the things you learned and create some form of audiovisual artwork. The work should in some way explore the conection of sound/music and visuals.

This outcome can be:

  1. A video file (animation, experimental video work, music vide etc.)
  2. Realtime VJ set (use your own music, or royalty-free music so that we can publish it)
  3. Realtime AV performance
  4. Some type of artwork that will be in our small course exhibition.

Showcase April 8, 2022 #

The final outcomes of this course will be shown as a joint exhibition/event with the Embodied Interaction course.

You will present your work in one of the following ways:

  1. A livestreamed video work (either real-time or pre-rendered/pre-recorded) on Twitch. The stream starts 18:00 on April 8, 2022. This might happen also at some physical venue, depending on what Matti is able to put together. EDIT: We will postpone the livestream until after you have submitted the final project documentation videos. That way we have more content to show there and we might also have some additional projects from other classes. You should however join the Firday session at 3 pm to present your project. It’s ok if it is still somewhat unfinished or unpolished.

  2. A work shown at the joint exhibition of AV Studio and Embodied Interaction courses. The exhibition will be in rooms G203, G204 and O102. The exhibition opens on April 8, 2022. Your work can be an installation or a video work.

Deadline for final project documentation #

You have two more weeks to compile a documentation video of your work. Please submit a short video and description of your work to MyCourses. Deadline is Friday, April 22. I will add the link to the MyCourses assignemnt here soon.

Extra #

There are also other ways and opportunities for you to show your work. Please consider the following.

Extra: Aavistus Festival #

Consider applying to the Aavistus festival with the project that you do in this class. Or something inspired by it.

Aavistus Open Call (open until March 30).

Aavistus has different categories you can apply for:

  • VJ Performances
  • Audiovisual Live Performances
  • Artworks at the Exhibition
  • Projection Mapping
  • Workshops

Extra: Demo Day #

The Spring 2022 Demo Day is going to be organized on June 1st, the venue is not yet decided, but Matti should have some news about it in the next days or weeks.

Extra: Ääniaalto / Flux Island #

The students are also planning the next Ääniaalto festival and Flux Island exhibition. It’s going to happen in September at Vuotalo in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Extra: Nordic Lights #

Nordic Lights is the union of three emerging audiovisual festivals on a mission to explore culture synergies through experimental collaboration. It is time to build new pan-nordic friendships and bridges. Open call for artists between 1.2.-15.3.2022.