03–05/05: Immersive Theater, Project Development

03–05/05: Immersive Theater, Project Development

03–05/05 #

Wednesday 03/05/2023 #

9:15–10:00 | Breakfast Meeting #

  • 9:15–10:00
  • Location: Let’s meet at the kitchen/coffee machine area between J and K blocks

We will start every week with a breakfast meeting to plan the week and to just chat about what is happening in the world. BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast) and also bring some interesting topics to the table.

10:00–12:00 #

Work on your project idea. Start working towardws a project plan. Consider the following questions. Try to answer the relevant ones for your project.

  • What is your work about? Thematically, conceptually…
  • Are you asking questions or finding answers?
  • Are you working alone or with someone else?
  • Can you define your approach in terms of how Arja Karhumaa presented it in the Notes on Project Design lecture.. Which of the approcahes would fit your project the best?
    • The Analysis Project
    • The Construction Project
    • The Process Project
    • The Vision Project
  • How does your work look like?
  • How does your work sound like?
  • Is it interactive?
    • How do people interact with it? What are the possibilities for interaction that your work creates?
    • What kind of feedback there is for the interaction? Is it immediate or very slow?
    • Is it playful?
    • Do people need special skills to interact with it?
    • Can other beings besides people interact with it?
  • Do you use/need some special technology to create or to present your work?
  • What is the scale of the work? Is it a small object or a room-size installation?
  • What type of space does it require for exhibiting it?
  • Does your work have a physical part or is it completely digital?

12:00–13:00 | Lunch #


13:15–15:00 | Guest talk #

Eero Tiainen, the director of Love Simulation Eve will join us to talk about the project.

15:15–17:00 | #

Matti has a doctor’s appointment. Continue your project ideation, discuss it with others.

Thursday 04/05/2023 | Independent Work #

There is an interesting talk at the Learning Centre with the topic Generative AI for Creativity.

  • Do research
  • Take a walk
  • Code
  • Make
  • Experiment
  • Try & fail
  • Try & succeed
  • Talk with each other
  • Be silent and focus
  • Go see an exhibition
  • Read
  • Make a mistake
  • Get frustrated
  • Feel proud of your work
  • Procrastinate

We have the room G203 booked for us for your independents work and experimentations. Also remember all the other facilities where you can work:

Some workshops require you to do safety training or online MyCourses introductions before you can use them. These Thursdays are a good time to do that.

Friday 05/05/2023 | #

Note, we start at 10!

10:15–12:00 | Roberto Fusco and Tuomo Rainio #

Tuomo and Roberto are coming to talk about their work as artists and they will also present their research project called Pino, which is a modular system for working with interactive art projects.

12:00–13:00 | Lunch #


13:15–15:00 | Weekly report #

We end each week with a roundtable discussion to check what you have been doing during the week. Feel free to show others your progress, give constructive feedback, test things with your peers.

Present your project idea.