Final Project Documentation

Final Project Documentation

Final Project Documentation #

Public Documentation #

This year we have quite limited options on spaces and time where we can show our work, so it is quite important that you document your work well. Send this to me via MyCourses

How? What? #

  1. Create a short video of your project (maximum 2 minutes). Upload your video file to MyCourses: Link here. If your work includes a longer performance or some other need for a longer video, you can upload that as an additional file. Everyine should have this short version as well.
  2. Create a text file and format it as markdown. Save the file with and extension .md and upload to MyCourses as well. You can use this online editor for your text if you are unfamiliar with markdown.

Process Documentation #

Mandatory: Process documentation #

Send me a freely formatted documentation of your process via MyCourses. This can be but is not limited to the following:

  1. Pdf file with text and images.
  2. Link to a Miro board or some other online planning tool that you have been using to plan your project.
  3. Link to your own website that you have created to document your work.
  4. Some other format or a combination of any of the above.

This does not have to be formatted in any specific way, but I’m hoping to see at least the following things:

  • A short write-up of your process: What was successful? What didn’t go as planned? What did you learn?
  • Pictures of your process: sketches, prototypes, experimentations etc.

Optional: Public process documentation #

If you wish, you can have a Process part of your work on our website. Where you can create a public write-up of your process. This needs to be formatted in the following way:

Deadline for the final project documentation: June 16, 2023 #

Deadline for submitting the documentation files is June 16, 2023. Note that you are allowed to submit these earlier as well. There is no need to wait to the final moment. The earlier you submit everything, the earlier you can enjoy the summer break.