Evaluation #

Evaluation Criteria #

This course is graded 0-5

  • 5: Excellent

  • 4: Very Good

  • 3: Good

  • 2: Satisfactory

  • 1: Poor

  • 0: Fail

  • Active attendance to classes and discussions (25% of the grade).

    • Show up and demonstrate that you are actively participating and engaging with the topic.
    • Your attitude and activeness in class. Please note that this does not necessarily mean being very extroverted and loud. I also appreciate a more introspective and quiet way of working.
    • Helping others
  • The final project (50% of the grade). You will be evaluated based on:

    • Aesthetic quality of the work
    • Novelty and creativity of the concept
    • Critical approach to the topic
    • Command of the technology
    • Attention to detail
  • Documentation of the learning process and the final project (25% of the grade). You will evaluated based on:

    • Critical reflection on your own work
    • Quality of the audiovisual documentation
    • The amount of detail and depth in the documentation

Documentation #

This year we have quite limited options on spaces and time where we can show our work, so it is quite important that you document your work well. I will provide detailed instructions on what I’m expecting a little bit later as I finish building a simple website for us. Essentially, you should be able to create at least the following:

  • One short video of your project
  • One or more images of your work
  • Artist statement of this specific work that you make during the course
    • Note: if your work is more like a tool or research project, you can write a more general project description of your work.
  • Additionally, take pictures, video, and written notes of your process. Each project will have an additional Process page where you can include these