Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Project Proposal #

Grant Application #

If you are serious about working in the field of art, you need to be prepared to write applications for grants and other open calls. Writing grant applications is a very large portion of the work as a professional artist.

I am asking you to prepare your project proposal for this course in the format of a real grant application. The deadline for this is Thursday, May 9 (this is a national holiday so submit the day before if you plan to take that day off). I’m givin you a bit more time, new deadline is May 14.

Specific opportunities to apply for already as a student #

Many grant applications specifically mention that they do not provide funding for projects related to MA studies. However, you can always apply as an independent artist to those as well. You will have better chances of success after graduating.

Additionally, there are also some specific grants that you might want to consider applying as a student.

How to make your “application” for this course #

For this class, you are going to create the application based on the guidelines of AVEK Audiovisual Centre Films and Media Art Project Grant.

  1. Read the instructions on the AVEK website - Choose Project Grant
  2. Also register to the AVEK grant application system as well so that you can make real applications when you need to and that you get familiar with the system.
  3. You will submit your “application” to MyCourses where i will create a form that asks for the same things as are requestedd in the real application. Upload the attachments to a separate assignment box on MyCourses.