Alt+Ctrl Games

Alt+Ctrl Games

Examples #

Matti Niinimäki & Pasi Rauhala #

Robin Baumgarten: Line Wobbler #

Robin Baumgarten | More information

AaltoXFlow (2018) #

Caleb Rugg and Bryant Hoban: Global Warning (2018) #

Jung Huh and Izzan Bacharrudin Soedarsono: Line of Light (2018) #

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alt.ctrl.GDC #

The alt.ctrl.CDG is a specific category of the Game Developer’s Conference that showcases alternative controllers for games. The deadline for 2023 submission is on December 2, 2022.

2022 alt.ctrl.GDC Audience Award Winner | PASTRY PANIC (with cat) #

Enric Granzotto Llagostera: Cook Your Way #

This is a game about how immigration systems and capitalist discourses of multiculturalism combine to oppress migrants. Visa applicants (or players) are tasked with cooking a typical dish of their country of origin using a cooking station. Immigration authorities then evaluate applicants according to their efficiency and potential to contribute to the new country’s society. Cooking becomes a standardized test, one step within a longer application process.

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Deliverables for Week 2 #

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