Alt+Ctrl Games

Alt+Ctrl Games #

Examples #

Matti Niinimäki & Pasi Rauhala #

Robin Baumgarten: Line Wobbler #

Robin Baumgarten | More information

AaltoXFlow (2018) #

Caleb Rugg and Bryant Hoban: Global Warning (2018) #

Jung Huh and Izzan Bacharrudin Soedarsono: Line of Light (2018) #

More information

alt.ctrl.GDC #

The alt.ctrl.CDG is a specific category of the Game Developer’s Conference that showcases alternative controllers for games. The deadline for 2023 submission is on December 2, 2022.

2022 alt.ctrl.GDC Audience Award Winner | PASTRY PANIC (with cat) #

Enric Granzotto Llagostera: Cook Your Way #

This is a game about how immigration systems and capitalist discourses of multiculturalism combine to oppress migrants. Visa applicants (or players) are tasked with cooking a typical dish of their country of origin using a cooking station. Immigration authorities then evaluate applicants according to their efficiency and potential to contribute to the new country’s society. Cooking becomes a standardized test, one step within a longer application process.

Other resources #

Deliverables for Week 2 (Deadline: Tuesday, November 8, 13:00) #

1. Find an interesting existing Alt+Ctrl Interface #

Explore the archive from GDC, Shake That Button and beyond:

Find one interesting project/controller from there and write a short description of the project. Include a link to it and even embed a video to your site if there it is available. Why did you choose this? What caught your attention?

2. Come up with a concept for your own Alt+Ctrl Interface #

  • Explore at least one sensor in more detail.
  • Think of different interactions and/or gestures that could be detected with the sensor you picked.
  • Choose an existing video game that could be controlled using the interaction/interface enabled by this sensor. You can also come up with a completely new game/game mechanic.
  • You don’t need to make it work yet. Just come up with the idea/concept for your alternative controller.
  • Write about your idea on your site.
  • You can draw sketches or other ways to illustrate your idea.
  • You can also make a prototype if you can, but I am not requiring it.
Do not make this too complex. Think of simple games and game mechanics.

When thinking of new interactions, I find it helpful to go to hardware stores, art/craft supply stores, flea markets and other places that have interesting obejcts and materials. Think about how you can manipulate the objects and materials with your hands and how those could be connected to some game mechanics (and what kind of sensor would be needed for that).