TouchDesigner Tutorials

TouchDesigner Tutorials

Below you can find all of the TouchDesigner tutorials recorded for this course. Also scroll down for a list of other great TD resources.

If you want to watch when I record these videos, follow aaltomedialab at Twitch: I’m going to stream all (or at least most) of my recording sessions.

General Introduction from Derivative #

This video explains all of the basic functionality and beyond of TouchDesigner. I highly recommend watching it. We will cover many of these things as we go along, but here are many of the basic techniques all in one video. It is also quite helpful to come back to this one every now and then once you have learned some things already. You will learn many things that you missed the first time you watched it.

Introduction #

Building a Chromatrope #

Audio Analysis in TouchDesigner #

This series of videos goes through lots of details about audio analysis in TouchDesigner. I made some mistakes and the videos became longer than I was hoping, so I might re-record them at some point. But for now, follow along with the mistakes and how to fix them.

Using the Kinect Azure #

Kinect Azure and Blob Tracking #

These examples show you how to work with the Kinect Azure and blob tracking. This way of doing tracking on the image does not rely on the Kinect’s skeleton tracking algorithms and the same results could be achieved with other depth cameras, or even color or infrared cameras as long as you are able to control the lighting of your environment.

Download files #

Download the finished example.

Other TouchDesigner Resources #