26–28/04: Museum Experiences, Projection Mapping

26–28/04: Museum Experiences, Projection Mapping

26–28/04 #

Wednesday 26/04/2023 #

9:15–10:00 | Breakfast Meeting #

  • 9:15–10:00
  • Location: Kitchen/coffee machine area in the first floor near Media Lab (between K and J blocks)

We will start every week with a breakfast meeting to plan the week and to just chat about what is happening in the world. BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast) and also bring some interesting topics to the table.

  • What was the latest AI thingy which will change the world this week?
  • Did the reading for this week provoke any new ideas?

10:00–12:00 | Guest Lecture: Aki Päivärinne from OiOi #

Room G203

Aki Päivärinne from OiOi is coming to talk about the work they do.

12:00–13:00 | Lunch #


13:15–15:00 | Guest Lecture: Eero Tiainen #

Talk from Eero Tiainen moved to next week.

15:15–17:00 | Planning for the outcome of the course #

  • We will go through your Miro board assignment from last week
  • Visit to the Vizualisation Hub (IglooVision)

Thursday 27/04/2023 | Independent Work #

We have the room G203 booked for us for your independents work and experimentations. Also remember all the other facilities where you can work:

Some workshops require you to do safety training or online MyCourses introductions before you can use them. These Thursdays are a good time to do that.

Matti will be in the 360° space (Vizualisation Hub)

Friday 28/04/2023 | Technical Lecture: Projection Mapping #

09:15–12:00 | Projection Mapping #

History #

More information

Examples #

In Finland #

Tools #

In TouchDesigner #

  • Stoner - For simple corner pinning and image warping
  • Kantan Mapper - For more complex 2D Mapping and image warping
  • CamSchnappr - For 3D Mapping on complex 3D objects

Tutorials #

Tools in TouchDesigner #

12:00–13:00 | Lunch #


13:15–15:00 | Experiment #

Test out the projection mapping techniques we covered in the morning.

15:15–17:00 | Weekly report #

We end each week with a roundtable discussion to check what you have been doing during the week. Feel free to show others your progress, give constructive feedback, test things with your peers.