Next Steps

Next Steps

Courses in Aalto #

Arduino #

Web (JavaScript etc.) #

openFrameworks #

  • AXM-E0103 Workshop period 3: Generative Media Coding

TouchDesigner (or any language) #

Unity #

  • AXM-E5005 Software Studies for Game Designers (Game Design and Development)
  • AXM-E0403 Coding Virtual Worlds

Unreal Engine #

  • ELO-E5521 Reaaliaikainen virtuaalilavastus (Finnish)

Pure Data #

  • AXM-E6003 Composing with New Musical Instruments (Sound in New Media)
  • AXM-E6004 Deep Learning of Audio (Sound in New Media) (also uses Python)
  • AXM-E6009 Procedural Audio (Sound in New Media)

Python #

SuperCollider #

  • AXM-E6006 IXI Workshop (Sound in New Media)

Resources #

How to learn how to learn? #

Hosting simple projects online # #

Make sure that you are able to access your folder. This is a simple, traditional WWW-service, a tool for one specific job, serving static content. This means that you can upload files to your user folder and it will then be accessible online from For example, Matti’s user site is here:

You can use this to better understand how your p5.js sketch is connected to the .html file and how you can manipulate html elements using JavaScript.

This also demonstrates a simple way for you to share your sketches without using OpenProcessing or the p5.js editor.