Touch | Capacitive

Touch | Capacitive #

Capacitive sensing is based on the fact that your body is able to store an electric charge. You can use almost any conductive object as a sensor with just one wire connecting the object to the microcontroller/sensor.

  • CapacitiveSensor Library – Works with most microcontrollers. Requires a couple of extra components.
  • Teensy Touch Pins – The Teensy microcontrollers have built in functionality for capacitive sensing. Use touchRead() on a pin that has the hardware capability for touch sensing.
  • MPR121 – A commonly used capacitive sensor. You can connect 12 individual conductive objects as sensors to it.
  • Trill touch sensors – High quality capacitive sensors that come in different forms. The Trill Craft can be used to connect up to 30 sensors to one board.