01 | Introduction to Generative AI

01 | Introduction to Generative AI

Week 1 (more like first 2 classes) #

Wednesday, 27.03 #

On this day we will have the introduction to the course and the topics we will cover. We will setup the communication channels, the common drive, and other tools we will use. We will also have a short introduction to the possibilities, ethics, and brief history of Generative AI. Finally we will give out the guidelines for the presentation for the next session.

Wednesday, 10.04 #

This day we will have presentations of the project ideas We will also have a short session with some presentations of the tools we will use. The presentations will be short and informal, but its required to have a few slides showcasing your idea. The goal is to have a general idea of the projects and how can they be realised. After each presentation we will have a short discussion.

The presentations are mandatory and account for 10% of the final grade.