Distance | VL53L1X

Distance | VL53L1X #

Features #

The VL53L1X is a Time of Flight (ToF) module that is able to measure the distance to an object

  • Operating Voltage: 2.6V-3.5V
  • Power Consumption: 20 mW @10Hz
  • Measurement Range: ~40mm to 4,000mm
  • Resolution: +/-1mm
  • Light Source: Class 1 940nm VCSEL
  • 7-bit unshifted I2C Address: 0x29
  • Field of View: 15° - 27°
  • Max Read Rate: 50Hz

Libraries #

There are many libraries for this sensor. All of them should work.

  • Recommended: Pololu VL53L1X
  • Sparkfun VL53L1X

Using the Pololu library #

The Pololu library for VL53L1X is the best one that I have tested. It has been the most reliable ad most of the sensors features are available for configuring through the library.

Install #

  1. Go to the Libraries
  2. Search for VL53L1X
  3. It should be named just with the part number and it should say that it’s made by Pololu

Example #

Code #

Other resources #

You often need to filter or smooth out the data from these sensors. Check out the tutorials on the following topics.