05/04: Second Meeting

05/04: Second Meeting

05/04: Second Meeting #

  • Did you get the feeling of being immersed in the Monet2Klimt exhibition?
  • Were there some things that distracted you from being immersed?
  • How did it make you feel or think in other ways?
  • What could be other ways to use such large-scale projection spaces in more interesting ways?

Relevant Projects #

Jennifer Greb: Fulldome Media Environment #

Ryoji Ikeda #

If you are not familiar with the work of Ryoji Ikeda, I would higly recommend you to take a look. He will also have an exhibition at Amos Rex starting in September 2023.

Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness #

The Under Presents #

This VR experience also had a performative side to it in the form of actors who were present at certain times. Currently,

The video below has recordings of some of these encounters with the actors. I would recommend playing through it before watching the video to avoid spoilers.

Alfredo Jaar: 06.01.2020 18.39, 2022 #

To do before the next meeting on April 26 #

Read #

Watch #

Please watch the following talk, if you have not seen it already.

Listen #

Listen to this podcast from Talking About Immersive Theatre (TAIT).

TAIT: Talking About Immersive Theatre · TAIT Episode 33: Samee Haapa

Task #

Add to our collaborative Miro board ( password in MyCourses) the following things about yourself:

  • Your name, what are you studying?
  • What is your specialty skill or field? What do you consider to be most comfortable working with?
  • What do you want to learn more about during this course?
  • Add an image, video or link to a project that you have done before. This can be something from your portfolio, passion project, something you feel proud of. If you only have an image, add a short description of the project.
  • Add an image, video, or link to some artwork or project that you wish you would have done or be involved in creating. Something that inspires you. If you only have an image, add a short description of the project.