Final Project

Final Project

As a final project for Embodied Interaction, you should explore the things you learned and create some form of an interactive system that uses the concepts and technologies that we cover in the class (embodiment, proxemics, gesture recognition, biosensors, tracking technology etc.).

The final project:

  • Is something you do either on your own or as a group (2–4 people)
  • Is an interactive artwork/design/artifact/experience/game/interface that builds upon the theory and practice that we learn during this course.
  • Is something that you will present your project during the last class of the course (Friday, April 12).
  • Is something that you can exhibit in some way at the end of the course.
  • Is something that you need to document online (either publicly or more privately)

This outcome can be:

  1. Interactive art installation
  2. An experimental game with a novel interface/interaction.
  3. New musical instrument/controller
  4. Experimental user interface
  5. Product design
  6. Something else?

Final project proposal (March 13, 2024) #

Create a project proposal for your final project. Think of this as a constantly evolving document where you take notes on your final project ideas. This deadline is for the first version of this.

Submit this to MyCourses and present in class.

  • This should be some type of document that you can keep editing and updating. (Ideally, Matti should be able to comment on it.)
  • For example: Miro, Figma, Notion, Google Doc etc.
  • pdf is also acceptable

Deadline for the document, Tuesday March 12, 23:59 (I had the date wrong in MyCourses, sorry. It says Thursday there, so follow that.) Present in class on Wednesday, March 13.

  • Some short thoughts on what you would like to explore and work with conceptually and technically. What is it that you want to create? How do people interact with it? How does it look like? How does it sound like? How does it feel like?
  • Some references (artworks/projects that are similar to what you would like to do).
  • Initial list of any specific space or technology requirement
It is ok if your idea changes after this. I am expecting it to change or evolve as you learn more about the topic. You just need a starting point.
After this presentation, some of you might also decide to join forces with someone else. You can consider this presentation as a way to pitch your idea to other people who could then join you. You should mention if you are looking for someone to work with or if you just want to focus on working on your own thing.

Some questions that might help you situate your work? Your work might fit into multiple of these “boxes”, for example, nothing stops your work from being art and research that you publish at the same time.

  • Is your project a form of artistic expression? Is it an installation, sculpture, performance, or some kind of other artwork that uses the technology and concepts introduced during the course? What is it that you want to say with your work? Or what is that you want people to experience through the work?
  • Is your project more of an exploration of user experience design?
  • Is your project a tool? What does it do? Who is it for? What problem or task is it meant to be used for? How is it different from existing tools?
  • Is your project interaction research? Are you interested in creating something that might become a research paper? What is your research aim or question? Explore the TEI conference to see what kind of topics have been presented in recent years.
  • Is your project a game with an experimental interface? Why does the game need this? Is it a form of exergaming?

Final Project presentations and exhibition (April 12, 2024) #

Present your work on the last day of the course. Either just as a presentation or work towards having your work exhibited in one way or another.

Embodied Interaction Exhibition #

We have the gallery spaces V1 and V2 and room G203 are booked for the end of the course exhibition.

  • Dates: April 10–23
  • Setup: April 10-12
  • Opening: April 12
  • Takedown: April 24 April 23

Final project documentation (April 26, 2024) #

It is extremely important to document your work well. This is not useful just for this course but for your portfolio as well.

Deadline for finishing the documentation is Friday, April 26.

The required documentation consists of:

  • A short description of your project (statement)
  • Reflection on the things you learned (500-1000 words)
  • One photo of the finished work
  • One short video of the finished work. We will upload this to Panopto.

Part of the documentation will be added to this website if you give the permission to do so. More details on the exact format will be provided soon.

Please upload your documentation to MyCourses.

Art + Media Studio #

This is mainly for students in New Media:

You can further develop and exhibit your project in Period V during the Art+Media Studio course.