Art + Media Studio | 2024 | Generative AI

Art + Media Studio | 2024 | Generative AI

Course Description #

The Generative AI in Art course offers a deep dive into how machine learning and artificial intelligence can intersect with artistic creation. Participants will gain hands-on experience with AI tools and methodologies for art generation, covering a range of techniques from image synthesis to photogrammetry and music composition. This course emphasizes practical skills in using AI for art, including understanding different AI models and their application in creative processes. Additionally, it touches on the ethical considerations surrounding AI in art, such as questions of authorship, originality, and privacy.

Some of the topics that we will explore in this course include but are not limited to:

  • Text generation (LLM, chatbots)
  • Image generation (txt2img, img2img, inpainting, outpainting)
  • Video generation (open and closed source)
  • Audio generation
  • 3D assets generation
  • Code generation and scripting
  • Interactivity

Some of the tools that will be used during the course include but are not limited to:

  • Automatic 1111
  • ComfyUI
  • Dalle 3
  • ChatGPT & LLMs
  • Midjourney
  • ElevenLabs
  • Krita
  • Blender
  • Touchdesigner
  • Postshot
  • Huggingface
  • Oculus VR

This is not a programming course, however Python will be used for some tools, thus we will familiarize with some of its features along the way.

Learning Outcomes #

From the Generative AI in Art course, students can expect to achieve a variety of learning outcomes, including:

  • Understanding of Generative AI Concepts: Gain a foundational knowledge of key concepts in generative AI, including how algorithms can be designed to create art.

  • Practical AI Tools Proficiency: Develop hands-on experience with a range of AI tools and techniques for generating visual art, music, and other forms of creative media. Additionally, acquire an awareness of current trends and future possibilities in the intersection of AI and art.

  • Creative Application of AI Technologies: Learn to creatively apply AI models and tools in artistic projects, exploring the boundaries of what’s possible with current technology.

  • Critical Analysis Skills: Enhance the ability to critically analyze and discuss the implications of using AI in art, including ethical considerations and the impact on concepts of authorship and originality.

Classroom #

K103 Computers #

The computers located in Väre K103 are the ones that we will use during the course (See Schedule). They have most of the tools that we need. Please remember to save all your outputs in your Aalto hard drive, because the computers clean the data once the session is over.

VDI Access #

Additionally, you can remotely access the K103 computers using the Aalto VDI system. It its reccomended to install the client on your personal computer. More information here. You have to login with your Aalto credentials, then select “Win Väre K103 Classroom” to access the computers. You will be assigned the first available computer from the K103 room, thus it is recommended to save everything in your Aalto hard drive.

Azure Cloud #

We will also use the Azure Cloud for some of the exercises or if you need more power for rendering your final project. Each student has 70 hours allocated for working on the virtual machines on Azure Labs. Please use this time sparingly for when you really need it as the costs add up very quickly. It is recommended to prototype and explore on the local computer in K103 until you really need to use the more powerful GPU on the cloud. You will be given access to the cloud during the course.

Communication #

We will set some communication channels for the course on the first day.

Schedule 2024 #

WE have reserved the K103 classroom for the duration of the course, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:00 to 17:00. However, Thursdays are reserved for independent work, thus sometimes the teacher will not be present. The schedule is subject to change, so please check it regularly.

Period IV #

Week 01 | Introduction to Generative AI #

TIME WED 27/03
13:15–15:00 Introductions and Setup
TIME WED 10/04
13:15–15:00 Project Presentations

Period V #

Week 02 | Language and Machines #

TIME WED 24/04 THU 25/04 FRI 26/04
09:15–12:00 How machines think? Independent Work Diffusion Process
12:00–13:00 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–17:00 LLMs Independent Work My First Image

Week 03 | Models and Copies #

TIME WED 01/05 THU 02/05 FRI 03/05
09:15–12:00 No Class Independent Work Models
12:00–13:00 No Class 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–17:00 No Class Independent Work Train Yourself

Week 04 | Videos and Voices #

TIME WED 08/05 THU 09/05 FRI 10/05
09:15–12:00 Advanced ComfyUI Independent Work Fake Voices
12:00–13:00 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–17:00 Krita & ComfyUI Independent Work Fake Music

Week 05 | New Dimensions #

TIME WED 15/05 THU 16/05 FRI 17/05
10:00–12:00 Scripting and 3D Independent Work TouchDesigner and AI
12:00–13:00 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–17:00 TouchDesigner and AI Independent Work TouchDesigner and AI

Week 06 | Experimentation and Play #

TIME WED 22/05 THU 23/05 FRI 24/05
10:00–12:00 Independent Work Project Work Project Work
12:00–13:00 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–17:00 Project Work Independent Work Project Work

Week 07 | Final Project and Exhibition #

TIME WED 29/05 THU 30/05 FRI 31/05
10:00–12:00 Project Work Project Work Exhibition Setup
12:00–13:00 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–17:00 Project Work Project Work Exhibition Opening (16:00)