Week 01 | Introduction

Week 01 | Introduction #

Monday, January 9, 2023

We start in Room L208

Introduction #

See the home page of the course for basic information of the course.

Examples from previous years #

Go here to see some examples from previous years

Homework #

Your Course Documentation Website #

Readings #

For those who did not take my Physical Computing class, please also read these (or recap if you have read them):

Touchdesigner Basics #

Either download and install TouchDesigner to your computer or find some time to work at the university in classrooms where TouchDesigner is installed (L208 for example).

Get familiar with TouchDesigner, we are going to use that as our tool for exploring many of the technologies. I will generally also provide code examples and other materials for other programming environments and languages, but the main tool we are going to use is TouchDesigner. Watch at minimum this video:

And at least the first hour of this one:

This video from Ben Voigt explains all of the basic functionality and beyond of TouchDesigner. I highly recommend watching it. We will cover many of these things as we go along, but here are many of the basic techniques all in one video. It is also quite helpful to come back to this one every now and then once you have learned some things already. You will learn many things that you missed the first time you watched it.

You can find more tutorials and resources made by me and links to tutorials by other people here.

I will make more of these tutorials each year so there should be a bunch of new omes added as the course progresses.