Week 01 | Introduction

Week 01 | Introduction

Monday, January 8, 2024

We start in Room G203

Introduction #

See the home page of the course for basic information of the course.

Examples from previous years #

Go here to see some examples from previous years

Course Structure #

Period III #

  • Lectures on Monday afternoons (15:15–17:00)
  • Lots of independent learning (TouchDesigner basics, some readings or videos to watch).

Period IV #

  • More intensive working period where we dig deeper into hands-on examples of embodied technology
  • The last weeks of the course are dedicated for project work
  • Exhibition at the end of the course. (V1, V2, G203)

Exhibition #

  • Exhibition opens on Friday, April 12, 2024
  • Spaces: V1 and V2 galleries, G203 (possibly O102 if we run out of space)
  • Dates: April 12–24
  • Setup: April 10-12

Lecture Slides #

Homework #

Read #

Read carefully through the course information and make sure you understand what is expected from you.

Watch #

Watch these four videos by Jelle van Dijk about Embodied Interaction before our class next week:

Aquire New Skills: TouchDesigner #

If you do not already know the basics of TouchDesigner, start going through The 100 Series: TouchDesigner Fundamentals.

You should go through this series of tutorials during Period 3. All of the examples that I will show in Period 4 assumes that you have completed this Fundamentals course.

As I have already said multiple times, you can use any tool that you want during this course but if you want to follow and experiment with many of the practical examples during this course, I highly recommend you to learn how to use TouchDesigner. It is one of the most flexible tools for experimenting with different types input and output devices and allows you to quickly get to the crative part of your work.