These works are some highlights from earlier versions of the course.

  • Introduction to Creative Coding
  • Software Studies: Programming for Artists
  • Programming for Artists
  • Programming for Visual Artists

Open Processing Classes #

2021 #

Katie Ballinger: Kaleido #

See the project from the Demo Day website

Utu Kärki: SelfPortrait #

An example of that highlights well this idea of creating a computational poem. This is a program that reads itself (the .pde file containing the code) and draws the bytes as squares where the color is the byte converted into a grayscale value. The work was shown as two posters: one with the code and the other with the self portrait.

Utu Kärki Utu Kärki

2020 #

2019 #

Anssi Alhopuro: Room With a Cat #

Sound synthesis with Pure Data and visuals with Processing. The two programs are connected using OSC.

Anze Bratus: Motion Controlled Sample Player #

2018 #

Joonas Väänänen: Gem Runner #

Joonas created a really clever simple game. One of the highlights of the project was that he had implemented a level designer using a text file.

Jongbin Kim #

Hyoeun Park #

Miila #