VR Prototyping in Unity

VR Prototyping in Unity

How to Get Started #

I would recommend these two videos to get you orientated visually to the things you need to understand when starting to work with VR in Unity.

Devices #

Headset #

We have the Meta Quest 2 available your use. Some others as well, but no so easily.

Computer and Operating System for Development #

To be able to have access to all possibilities and features, I would recommend using Windows.
Mac is able to only deploy the application to the headset, it’s not possible to do real-time testing.
Linux is also possible for deployment but it gets a little complicated and probably quite a headache.

Developer Tool (Game Engine) #

There are two main options for developing applications to the Quest 2

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
You can use either one, Unity is better documented for VR.


There are many SDKs (Software Development Kit) for VR. The main ones you could use are:

For the purposes of this class, I would recommend using the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit, this is what the video linked on the top of this page will help you setup.

How to Learn More? #

You could consider taking some courses at Aalto that focus more on VR if you are interested.