Who created this website? #

Matti Niinimäki Senior University Lecturer
Programme Director of the Master’s Programme in Art and Media
Aalto University

Why does it exist? #

  • For my students as a one-stop location for the materials for all of the courses that I teach
  • For me as a way to plan and develop my teaching
  • For anyone who ends up here as a way to learn
  • For my TAs as a way to contribute to the teaching materials

Where is Aalto University? #

In Espoo, Finland. Right next to Helsinki.

This looks pretty cool! How can I become a student? #

I teach at the Master’s Programme in Art & Media, major in New Media, there are two ways to become a student:

I’m not your student, but the site helped me a lot. How can I thank you? #

Send me a message via one of these options:

Can I support you somehow? #

Supportive messages and saying thank you is always nice and enough. I get paid to do this by the university but there are some ways you can show some extra support if you wish.

  • Buy me lunch or coffee if you meet me
  • Invite me to do guest lectures at your event or institution
  • Let me know if you would like to show my art at your event or institution
  • Commission me to create interactive installations or experiences