Introduction to Physical Computing

Introduction to Physical Computing

How Computers See Us

Course practicalities #

Weekly structure #

The duration of the course is 7 weeks.

  • 6 weeks of classes
  • 7th week is the workshop week. No teaching but I would recommend reserving it for working on your final project.

We have three classes each week. They are divided like this:

  • Mondays, 15:15–17:00 | Weekly lecture that brings some context to the hands-on work that we focus on during the rest of the week. Sometimes we have visiting lecturers.
  • Tuesdays, 13:15–17:00 | Hands-on demonstrations and work on small assignments.
  • Thursdays, 13:15–17:00 | Hands-on demonstrations and work on small assignments.

What are we actually doing? #

  • Learning about artists and designers working with physical computing and electronics
  • You will need to learn the basics of working with electronics.
  • You should have basic understanding of programming before coming to the course (you will learn some more).
  • You will be working a lot with your hands: building circuits, assembling prototypes etc.

Lecture Slides #

You can find my lectture slides Miro board here.

Deliverables for Week 1 #

See the weekly page for deliverables.