Week 01 | Introduction

Week 01 | Introduction

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 #

See the course home page for the basic information of the course.

Homework from the first class #

Watch these videos:

TouchDesigner Interface #

Please note, I’m going to assume that you have watched this before tomorrow, so I will not go through these things in detail. I will only do a short recap and answer any questions you might have.

Introduction by Ben Voigt #

This is a very long video, so you probably don’t have time to watch all of it, but watch as much you can or as much as you can handle:

Extra #

If you get really excited, you can already start building the project we are going to make as our first real project (Chromatrope):


That same page has also some external resources (YouTube tutorials etc.). The internet has really good resources for TouchDesigner, please use them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 #

Magic Lanterns #

Magic Lanternist 1737 etching/engraving of an organ grinder with a magic lantern on her back by Anne Claude de Caylus (after Edme Bouchardon) Wikipedia

Suaveciclo Suaveciclo by VJ Suave

Lu Exquisite Vessel: Portable and collective immersive cinema experiences by Luis Priace Michavila

Here you can find more details about the mechanical magic lantern slides:

Chromatrope in TouchDesigner #

Let’s create a Chromatrope using TouchDesigner and some scanned Magic Lantern Slides.

This is a collection of videos that covers the full process of Making the Chromatrope example. We will probably not have time to finish the entire thing during the class so you will need to complete it on your own time.

Chromatrope (Part 1): Our first project #

Chromatrope (Part 2): Adding keyboard interaction #

Chromatrope (Part 3): Adding audio reactivity #

Download #