FRI | Sound Analysis Using FFT

FRI | Sound Analysis Using FFT

  • November 1, 2024
  • 9:15–12:00
  • Room 2420 (Marsio)

Inspiration #

Product Placement is an animation I made in 2009. Most of the animation is driven by the sound of the characters speaking.

Visualizing Sound #

Download files #

Here are some files we need today:

Recap: Amplitude Analysis #

FFT Analysis #

What is FFT (Fast Fourier transform)? The actual definition of it is very complex, but with what we are doing here, we can describe it in a bit simpler way.

We are essentially able to get multiple amplitude values of different frequency bands. What does that mean? FFT frequency analysis allows you to isolate the different frequencies of a sound, like the low frequencies of a bass drum or high frequencies of a hi-hat. You could then make parts of your sketch react differently to different frequencies, create a beat detection algorithm, or make a game where you have to whistle at a specific frequency to play it.

Final Project Proposal #

Please do the following before next Friday: