Väre Mechatronics (G014-G015) #

Workflow #

The general workflow for milling PCBs in room G015 goes like this:

  1. Design your board (see the sparate tutorials for that)
  2. Export your board files
  3. Double-check the specifications for the milling and drilling bits that we have available.
  4. Generate tool paths for the machine (.rml) for the specific bits
  5. Prepare the material (copper board)
  6. Install the milling bit
  7. Set the XYZ coordinates for the origin of the job
  8. Import the tool path and run the job
  9. Change the tool and repeat for all of the necessary passes that you need to do
  10. Clean up

Machines and Tools #

Currently, we have one CNC machine available for PCB Milling at Mechatronics.

Roland iModela iM-01 #

Milling Bits #

Software #

Aalto Fab Lab #

Please see the Aalto Fab Lab Wiki for up-to-date instructions and updates.