Weeks 11–14 | Project Work

Weeks 11–14 | Project Work #

The rest of the course is dedicated for your final projects.

Spaces #

We have the following spaces booked for the course

  • G203: March 20 to April 14
  • L208: During the normal class times on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Key dates #

Friday, 24.03.2023 | Field trip to the Art & Tech Demo Day #

Friday, 24/03/2023 9:15–11:00 Matti is available for tutoring and discussions at G203, no other teaching. 12:00–> Join the Art and Tech Open Call Demo Day if you can

Wednesday, 05.04.2023 #

A couple of students are presenting their work early. We will check those 10AM starting from room O102.

Easter holiday April 6-12 #

I will be out of office during the Easter Holiday. You can of course work during that time, but I recommend you to take some rest as well. You should be able to acceess the school with your keycard.

Friday, 14.04.2023 | Final Project Presentations #

Present your work to the class. We have so many students that we need to start 9:15 sharp.

Note: Some students are already presenting on Wednesday, April 5

Wednesday, 26.04.2023 | Final Project Documetation deadline #

You have until April 26 to finish up your documentation. I will check your sites/documents after that point to evaluate your work.