MON | Introduction, CAD Basics

MON | Introduction, CAD Basics

  • October 17, 2022
  • Room H003
  • 9:15–17:00

Introduction to the course #

This workshop is mainly intended for students who are coming to my Physical Computing course in Period 2, but do not have any experience in 3D printing, laser cutting, or other digital fabrication tools.

Teacher: Matti Niinimäki #

Preliminary tasks (independent work) #

Do the following before the class if you have the time (it’s ok to also do these during Monday):

Needed accounts #

  • Make an Autodesk account with your Aalto email and apply for the educational access:
  • Create an account for IFTTT You can also get the 7-day free trial for the duration of the workshop, but it’s not necessary. The free account is enough, but the trial adds some extra features.
  • I would also recommend install the IFTTT mobile app for your phone. Search for IFTTT on your phone’s app store or whatever is the way to install apps for your phone.
  • Make sure you have access to at least a couple of these services. Telegram works well for testing, email is the simplest one. The more possibilities you have the more interesting it will be.

Software #

We have these installed on the computers at ARTS but you can also install and download them to your own computer:

Workshop access #

In order to use the Väre workshops in Aalto, you need to complete these two courses on MyCourses. Do both latest on Monday afternoon.

Project Brief #

See the project brief page.

CAD Tutorial #001 – Creating a Snap Fit Box #

Independent work #

Complete the preliminary tasks listed above

Reading #

Read pages 8 to 28 from the book: The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology