Introduction to Critical Making

Introduction to Critical Making

Note that this workshop is not running in 2023!

Content #

Learning Outcomes #

Evaluation #

This course is evaluated with a grade between 0-5.

  • 5 Excellent
  • 4 Very good
  • 3 Good
  • 2 Satisfactory
  • 1 Passable
  • 0 Fail

What is being evaluated? #

  • Active attendance. You should be present (physically and mentally) for all classes. Coming late or missing classes will lower your grade. You can be excused if you are ill or if you have some very good reason, just let me know.
  • The final outcome of the course that you present on the last day of the workshop
  • Documentation and the report that you submit after the workshop has ended. You have one extra week to finish it.

How are these things evaluated #

I will grade three different aspects and the final grade for the course will be a weighted average of the three.

  • Attendance 50%, graded 0-5
    • For the full grade, you need to attend all of the days of the workshop.
    • Each missed day drops your attendace grade by one full point.
    • Each time coming late drops your grade 0.25 points.
    • Active attendance (committing to learning new things, active participation, helping others etc.) can compensate any lost points.
    • However, do not come to school if you are not feeling well or you have some other pressing reason. Let me know.
  • The project itself. 25%, graded 0-5. The things that I am looking for:
    • Did you follow the requirements and does your project fill all of them?
    • The novelty, creativity and criticality of the concept.
    • Your personal touch and effort on the template CAD models that were created during the class.
    • Active attendance (committing to learning new things, active participation, helping others etc.) can also affect positively on this part of the grade.
  • Project Documentation. 25%, graded 0-5
    • The level of detail in the documentation.
    • Your reflections on your process.
    • The documentation (images, videos) quality. Meaning that did you just upload a couple of photos and a video straight from your phone or did you spend time editing the video and explaining your concept.

Schedule | Autumn 2022 #

Workshop Week October 17–21, 2022 #

TIME MON 17/10 TUE 18/10 WED 19/10 THU 20/10 FRI 21/10
09:15–12:00 Introduction, CAD Basics Laser Cutter Basics Arduino + Electronics Project Presentations
12:00–13:00 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕 🥗🍜🍱🍝🍕
13:15–15:00 CAD Basics CAD for Laser Cutter Setting up IFTTT Project Presentations
15:15–17:00 Independent work Independent work Independent work Project Presentations