Final Project: Guidelines #

As a final project for Embodied Interaction, you should explore the things you learned and create some form of an interactive system that uses the concepts and technologies that we cover in the class (embodiment, proxemics, gesture recognition, biosensors, tracking technology etc.).

The final project:

  • Is something you do either on your own or as a group (2–4 people)
  • Is an interactive artwork/design/artifact/experience/game/interface that builds upon the theory and practice that we learn during this course.
  • Is something that you will present your project during the last class of the course (Friday, April 12).
  • Is something that you need to document online (either publicly or more privately)

This outcome can be:

  1. Interactive art installation
  2. An experimental game with a novel interface/interaction.
  3. New musical instrument/controller
  4. Experimental user interface
  5. Product design
  6. Something else?

Final project proposal (March 15, 2024) #

Create a project proposal for your final project. Think of this as a constantly evolving document where you take notes on your final project ideas. This deadline is for the first version of this.

  • Some short thoughts on what you would like to explore and work with conceptually and technically. What is it that you want to create? How do people interact with it? How does it look like? How does it sound like? How does it feel like?
  • Some references (artworks/projects that are similar to what you would like to do).
  • Initial list of any specific space or technology requirement

You will present your idea in class on Friday (15/03/2023).

It is ok if your idea changes after this. I am expecting it to change or evolve as you learn more about the topic. You just need a starting point.
After this presentation, some of you might also decide to join forces. You can consider this presentation as a way to pitch your idea to other people who could then join you. You should mention if you are looking for someone to work with or if you just want to focus on working on your own thing.

Final Project presentations (April 12, 2024) #

Present your work on the last day of the course. We will mainly be in room G203 but you can present somewhere else as well, if you are making work for some other space.

Final project documentation (April 19, 2023) #

It is extremely important to document your work well. This is not useful just for this course but for your portfolio as well. Your course website should have a dedicated section(s)/page(s) for your final project.

Deadline for finishing the documentation is Wednesday, April 19.

Minimum documentation consists of:

  • A short description of your project and reflection on the things you learned (500-1000 words)
  • One photo of the finished work
  • One short video of the finished work. This can be on Youtube, Vimeo etc. or a separate video file you upload to your website.

Additionally, keep updating your documentation website throughout the course. Document as you go, do not leave it to the end.

Art + Media Studio #

This is mainly for students in New Media:

You can further develop and exhibit your project in Period V during the Art+Media Studio course.

Spring Demo Day 2024 #